smile   I love you because I can be myself around you.

Here at DialASmile, we have but one simple goal: Make the world smile.

DialASmile was created to help people bring smiles to the faces of their friends, families, and loved ones in a whole new way.

We let you outline all the reasons you care about a person, and then let that person hear those reasons using a simple technology that everyone has -- a telephone.

Sure, you could say all the reasons out loud yourself (and you probably should!), but then your loved one will never get to hear them when you're not around. And, more often than not, the times a person most needs to feel loved are the times a person's loved ones aren't around.

Maybe you could write the reasons down on a piece of paper, but the paper could get misplaced, and you lose something special by not having the words spoken out loud. Not to mention anyone who looks at the paper could be staring at some pretty personal information that you don't want them to see.

That's where DialASmile comes in -- let your loved ones listen to all the reasons you care so much about them -- out loud -- anywhere and at any time, using their mobile or home phone. Only the people you want to hear the reasons will be able to, keeping everything personal and intimate.

So what are you waiting for? Make someone smile, today!

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