Make the world smile.

With DialASmile, you can create funny, loving, or friendly "dialers" for friends and loved ones. When your special someone one is sad -- maybe because you're out of town, or maybe because they just had a bad day -- they can call the DialASmile phone number and hear all the reasons they're so important to you, spoken out loud over the phone. As time passes and your relationship grows, keep your dialer up to date with all the newest reasons your special someone is so important to you.

Make someone smile, today.
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No Money? No Problem.

We'll help make your special someone smile, for free. Every DialASmile dialer can be used free of charge with any phone number you choose. Trying to give that special someone even more reason to smile? Up the ante for as low as 5 bucks!

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Quick and Easy.

Sign up, create a dialer, and give out the DialASmile phone number. It's that easy. You can have anyone smiling less than 5 minutes from now! Don't believe us? Well get out your stop watch and let's get this show on the road...

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Personal and Private.

Only people you choose will be able to hear your DialASmile dialer, keeping things personal and intimate. Whether you're creating something special for only you and your loved one, or you just want to tell Mom she's awesome, today's your lucky day.

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